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In the past 8 years, I have written lots of Ramadan related ideas on my old blog and around the web. I hope you benefit from them. 

From parenting to kids activities, decoration to teaching kids about fasting, salah and quran, I have a lot of resources to share with you. We also have free and paid ramadan printables as well as planners. I hope you find these useful.

1. Are you a planner person? Use this free Ramadan Planner to get clear about your Ramadan goals!

2. If you are stressed and unsure on where to begin with getting things in order as mother, check : How Moms can Prepare for a Stress Free Ramadan with Kids 

3. If you have little children in the household and what to know how you can make Ramadan special for them, read this: Ramadan Activities to do with Toddlers and Babies

Days to Ramadan |Muslim Kids Activities

4. If your children follow the 7am to 7pm routine, you may want to adjust their routine for Ramadan so that hey aren’t sleeping right at the time when you are having Iftaar. Here is How to tweak your child’s schedule for Ramadan Timings

5. If your children are at an age when they can fast, may be you want to teach them intermittent fasting, here is How to Teach Children to Fast in Ramadan

6. Ramadan is the best time to involve your children in the Ramadan spirit. Helping around the home and taking up little responsibilities is the best way to not just train your children, but also make memories with them. Here are some Age appropriate Chores for kids in Ramadan.

Age-appropriate-kids-chores-for-ramadan- Muslim Kids activities

7. I am sure you agree that our best memories for Ramadan were with our parents doing nothing but be with them. Here are some ideas on how to Create Meaningful Memories with your children for Ramadan.

8. A very important message that I want to share with my readers is that, as Ramadan comes around, in the spirit of making things special for our children, we forget that it is not the cultural and traditional activities that bring our children closer to Deen. Our focus should be more on imparting our Islamic manners and Ibadah. Please read this: Dear Mom, Before you Decorate for Ramadan…

9. Do you have bored and anxious teens? Wondering what they can do? Here are 10 Ramadan Activities for Teens and Tweens

ATTACHMENT DETAILS  Free-Printable-Ramadan-Calendar-JeddahMOm Muslim Kids Activities

10. Do you have little children who are not yet able to understand Ramadan? A countdown calendar helps them know that something is about to happen and look forward to it. Try this Hand Print Ramadan Calendar For Kids

11. No time to craft? Check out these free printable decorations! Even your tween or teen can get them up for you!

12. We have a huge list of the The Best Printable Activities and Crafts For Ramadan on JeddahMom.

 Ramadan-Coloring-Pages-and-Activity-Book- muslim kids activities

13. Need coloring pages and activities that your children can do by themselves? Or may be something for your students? Teachers and parents love this Ramadan and Eid Activity Book – Crafts and Coloring Activities Many people have used it in Madrasahs and their Friday classes too. 

14. Here are some Easy Iftar Recipes for Kids to make.

15. If you are out of ideas on what to get your children for Eid, I asked my audience what they have tried and recommend. Here are 55+ Eid Gift Ideas for Children of all ages!

ATTACHMENT DETAILS  The-best-islamic-gifts-for-muslim-kids.-Perfect-to-be-given-at-Eid-or-in-general

16. Islamic toys? Here are some of The Best Islamic Toys and Eid gifts for Muslim Children

17. If you need books on Ramadan, here is my recommendation list. 30+ Children’s Books about Ramadan

18. Are you a mother who struggles with finding time amongst your children to read the Holy Quran? For years, I was that mother. Believe it or not, it took me four kids to learning that I can read the Quran with my babies around me. I have written about it here. I want you to try this.

Teaching Quran from mothers lap | JeddahMom

19. Also, do you want to teach your child the Quran at home? By yourself..? Try this method. 

20. Do you know what is the best thing you can teach in Ramadan? Islamic Manners and Morals for Children. We have an A-Z series that has lots of ideas and key points. It is something that I repeat every two years with my own children. Manners in Islam: Teaching Children about Islamic Manners and Morals

21. If you have a little boy, this is one trick that you must absolutely teach him to fall in love with Salah this Ramadan. 

22. And last but not the least. You should tell children about Zakat and Fitrah. Muslims give Fitrah before they celebrate Eid.

23. Want to give your children’s learning a Ramadan theme? Check out this huge bundle of Ramadan Activities that is our resource library of all the Muslim Kids Activities we have!

These are the resources that I have for you. I hope you find them useful.

“May Allah draw us closer to Him this Ramadan. May Allah, make our fasts the fasts of those who fast sincerely, and our standing up in prayer of those who stand up in prayer obediently, awaken us in it from the sleep of the heedless and forgive us from our sins … Ameen

Allahumma Balighna Ramadan! Remember me in your prayers.

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