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Books on Hajj and Eid ul Adha for Kids

Inside: Children’s books on Hajj , Eid ul Adha and Umrah, Hajj stories and activity books.

Hajj is the fifth Pillar of Islam. It is the pilgrimage to Makkah that every able-bodied Muslim must make at least once in their life time. Hajj takes place in the 12th month of the Islamic Calendar.

One of the easiest way to teach children about Hajj Pilgrimage and the steps of Hajj are through story books. I am listing below all my favorite Hajj stories. I hope you find your favorite.

hajj stories and books for kids | MuslimKidsActivities

Hajj Stories for Kids

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1. Two Pigeons On A Pilgrimage: A Hajj Story 

Two Pigeons on a Pilgrimage has become one of our favorite books this year and for good reason!

This book by Bismillah Bees is written by Rabia Bashir and illustrated by the 12 year old Aisha Dean. 

It is a rhyming book which follows two pigeons as they witness the rituals of Hajj. All the steps of Hajj are covered in the correct sequence as the two birds follow the pilgrims from when they leave home for Hajj to all the steps of Hajj that they perform. 

I recommend this book for ages 3 – 8 years old.

You can buy this book on Amazon here.  Or Check out the Bismillah Bees site. They also have a faceless version this book.

2. Noor Kids Go To Hajj:  

Noor Kids books never disappoint. Written by Amin G. Asser, Noor Kids Go To Hajj has adventure stories that help children think, wonder and ask questions about the purpose behind the pilgrimage.

“In the first story, In Allah’s Orbit, Asad draws a parallel between the planets rotating around the sun with pilgrims doing Tawaaf around the Kaa’ba – internalizing a belief that Allah (SWT) is the center of our lives.

In the second story, Lost & Found, Amira learns about the power of prayer as she asks for Allah (SWT) for help when she is lost – taking a page from the story of Lady Hajar and Baby Ismail in Mecca.

This book also features an Islamic Invention, a spotlight on the Cave of Hira, a recipe from Chef Yvonne from MyHalalKitchen.”

It is a comic style book for children 5-9 year old.

You can check this book out here.

3. Yan’s Hajj: The Journey of a Lifetime

This is another book that we have. Yan as a young man decided to go for Hajj but on his way he encounters people in trouble. The savings that he worked hard to save for Hajj, he uses to help these people until he has no more money for his pilgrimage. 

The book hints at the real reason why Hajj is once in a lifetime and all the other things that people can do with their money saved. To be precise – there are so many opportunities for good deeds. 

I found it appropriate for ages 5-10 year olds. The illustrations are really nice.

Find out more about this book here.

4. The Young Explorers’ Adventures in Makkah 

Written by Abu Zaynah  Published by Islamopedia

Zaynah, Maryam and Ali were three young explorers. Together with their guide, uncle Hamza, they explore Makkah, Islam’s holiest city. They take young readers on an exciting journey, revealing lands and places that were an essential part of the development and history of Islam.

This book is available here.

5. Haji Zaahir Jamel the Camel

Published by Goodwords Books, Haji Zaahir Jamel the Camel is a cute rhyming story about two friends Zaahir and his camel. 

See the book on Amazon here.

6. A Little Tree Goes for Hajj by Eman Salem.

It is a bilingual book in Arabic and English

“The little tree has always wanted to travel, especially to Mecca, to perform Hajj (an Islamic religious pilgrimage). But how can he travel when his roots are in the ground? Find out how his dream comes true, and he makes the journey of a lifetime. “A Little Tree Goes for Hajj” is an ideal education tool to introduce the Hajj to children who are learning about important rituals in different world religions; includes a glossary with short definitions and explanations for readers unfamiliar with Hajj.”

See the book here

7. The Call to Hajj The She Camel (Two Tales) 

– By Sanyasnain Khan 

It is a short book of just two stories from the Quran on how Hajj started. As with all Sanyasnain Khan books, it has very simple language for even the smallest children to understand.

This book is available on Amazon.

8. Owl and Cat Go To Hajj by Emma Apple

This is surprisingly a very elaborate book (it has 78 pages!) detailing the day by say steps of Hajj in a simple language. 

Owl and Cat then pack their bags, and travel by plane to Mecca. Day one has them putting on ihram, performing tawaf, sa’iy, and heading to Mina.  Some details about what each step means are given, but nothing overwhelming or too wordy.  The illustrations show what the text means and offer a lot to the understanding, if the concepts are foreign.

You can get the book here.

9. Hajj Harmonies 

by Elizebath Lymer , illustrated by  Kim Reimann (Illustrator), Sandy Quigley (Illustrator)-

We love Elizebeath Lymer books for their rhymes and catchy tunes. This book is good to sing out loud to babies, toddlers and preschoolers. It has 12 rhymes that are based unpopular nursery rhymes. You can find the video of this book on YouTube too.

It is great for a weekend school.

Find the book here.

Hajj Activity Books for Kids

10. Tell Me About Hajj 

 – by Sanyasnain Khan, Goodwords Publication.

Tell Me About Hajj is a good book to use for homeschooling or even learning about Hajj at school as part of Social Studies. It gives a clear and interesting explanation of Hajj. An excellent resource for a teacher to use in the classroom and also for young Muslims tolerant all the details about what is Hajj. I’d recommend it for ages 7 and up.

11. My Hajj Fun Book

By Tahera Kassamali . Published by Goodwords Books 

My Hajj Fun Book is an activity book for 7-12 year olds, based on the following themes:

  • – Rites of Hajj
  • – The Kabah
  • – Unity among Muslims
  • – Sacrifice
  • – Fighting the Shaytan

It has word searches, crosswords and puzzles. The book tries to explain the significance of Hajj – the pilgrimage to Makkah.

Poetry based Hajj Books

12. I am Hajj (I am Series) by Amal Al Aride (Safoo Publications)

A poem picture book to encourage the love and understanding the rituals and practices of Hajj. A book for Muslims and all other faiths to enjoy.

See more details here.

 13. I Went for Hajj by Naima B. Roberts

Another pretty book my Naima B. Roberts that is a poem by a girl who has been on Hajj. 

“A rhyming book, perfect to read aloud, that gives children a taste of the sacred things pilgrims see and do on the most important trip for Muslims.”

Hajji, hajji, what did you see?

From the plane I saw clouds

And the big, blue sea

 Hajji, hajji, what did you wear?

I wore two white sheets

And my head was quite bare.

Hajji, hajji, what did you see?

I saw the great mosque in Makkah

As bright as can be.

Find the book here.

Hajj e-Books

14. Elif and Emre Learning Our Religion – Making Hajj (Kindle Edition)

Elif and Emre perform Hajj with their family. They learn wonderful things about making Hajj while they make a tawaf around Kaaba and perform sa’i between Safa and Marwa. They drink zamzam water and climb Mount Arafat. They complete their duties in Mecca,travel to Medina and become hajis all together.

This book is available as a free read on Kindle.

15. The Young Pilgrims (Kindle Edition )

Written by Romana Sharjeel.

“A captivating story about an inquisitive eight years old girl, Maryam, and her fifteen year old sister, Fatima, who are on their way to perform Hajj with their parents. The story will take you through each and every detail of Hajj, and make you feel a part of their emotional and spiritual journey throughout the blessed land of Makkah. ‘The Young Pilgrims’ is a story that will help your child not only learn about the rites and rituals of Hajj in an interesting way, but will also create a spiritual awareness in them to strive for Allah’s pleasure.” 

This book is available on Kindle.

More Hajj Stories…

16. Dhul-Hijjah Adventures with Binyamin and Chester

By Mehreen Tariq  (Author), Asbah Alaena (Illustrator), Uzma Ahmad (Contributor)

Now I may be a little excited about this book because it’s illustrated by my good friend Asbah but this is one book that has been just launched on July 5th, 2020.

“Come along and join Binyamin and his quirky crab, Chester as they bring to you Dhul-Hijjah stories that span across different continents, people, landscapes, and a variety of animals. An engagingly adventurous book that comprises of ten stories, ten poems, and forty subject-based activities, encouraging children to do their very best in the ten days of Dhul-Hijjah. From Blue Dragon to Moose, Pink Pony to Mr. Bear, this super interactive book is packed with different activities that include mazes, ‘How to draw’ sections, Crafts, Islamic aspects, and Educational components. Animal-loving kids are sure to enjoy these pages loaded with fun learning, inspiring them to love and live Islam.”

The book is available on Amazon here.

17. The Green Dinosaur Umbrella

Written by Amina Baniswan and illustrated by Rania Hassan.

I have been very excited about this book ever since I saw someone share icon Instagram but currently I don’t have anyway of ordering it here to Saudi. 🙁

“In this beautifully illustrated, whimsical story, a green dinosaur umbrella travels to Makkah and exchanges hands, helping pilgrims along their journey of Hajj.”

You can learn more about the book here.

18. An Ocean in One Drop: The Tale of Hajar in Hajj

Witten by Mariam Hakim and illustrated by Layla Aldubaisi and Hameedah Hamadah.

“An Ocean in One Drop is a children’s picture book retelling the ancient Islamic tale of Hajar’s desert struggle to find water for her infant son. This story is revered by Muslims worldwide and is honored within the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage.”

This book is available on Amazon.

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