Free Printable Hajj Coloring Page and Activity Pin MKA

Free Hajj Coloring Page and Puzzle Activity

Let’s celebrate one of the most important Muslim holidays with a Hajj coloring page and puzzle. Download and print this Hajj coloring page that is also a puzzle!

Printable Hajj coloring Page and Puzzle Activity | MKA

This fun coloring page and puzzle is suitable for all ages and even adults, whether you are in classroom or at home.

Free Printable Hajj coloring Page to color

When Hajj comes around, parents and teachers need Hajj activities for children both at home and in classroom. This coloring page and puzzle is perfect. All you have to do is just print and offer. Children color the picture and cut it out. They can then jumble and sort as a puzzle.

Click to Download Hajj Coloring Page and Puzzle here

Just grab a set of coloring pencils and get coloring! This Hajj coloring page and puzzle is a perfect screen-free activity!

Hajj printable coloring Page and Puzzle Activity | MKA

Hajj Coloring Activity

To get this awesome coloring activity, just click the download button above.

Our Hajj coloring page puzzle has so many things to color. Color the Kaaba, the mosque, minarets, clouds, buildings, even the Maqaam-e-Ibrahim. It is a fantastic opportunity to talk about the Holy Mosque in Makkah as you color!

Things you will need:

  1. Hajj Coloring Activity and Puzzle Printable
  2. 8.5×11 inches sheet of paper or card to print on
  3. Color pencils or gel colors or fine coloring pens
  4. Scissors to cut the puzzle
  5. Eraser (just in case!)

Print this coloring page puzzle activity on a 8.5 x 11 sheet. You can paste on a card or directly use the same size card.

Printable Puzzle Hajj coloring Page Activity | MKA

Download the Hajj Printable Coloring Page Activity and Puzzle

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