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Hajj Themed Children’s Book Activity

We have a Hajj Themed children’s Book Activity to share with you today. The book is ‘Two Pigeons On A Pilgrimage‘ written by Rabia Bashir and illustrated by Aisha Dean. You’re going to love this!

Hajj Themed Children's Book Activity | Perler Bead Craft | MKA

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One of the best way to enjoy a children’s book is to do a themed activity. The book we chose is ‘Two Pigeons On A Pilgrimage‘ and all because it is Hajj season!

Two Pigeons On A Pilgrimage Book Activity

This is one children’s book about Hajj and Eid Ul Adha that we absolutely love! It was a favorite when my kids were mere tots and preschoolers, but it is still one of the most beautiful and fun children’s book out there!

Book activities as a great way to open up dialogues about the topic. They also help with retention and learning. Kids remember by doing, more than they can my memorizing facts. And it is so much fun to bring in some imagination and creativity!

If you have a preschooler or primary school aged children, I highly recommend you get yourself a jar of PYSSLA beads from IKEA and invite the little bunch of kids over.

Hajj Themed Children’s Book Activity with Perler Beads

This is an activity that I pulled out with multiple aged children. We had a 7, 8 and 12 year old. We also have a little 4 year old who loves Perler (aka Hama) beads too so I assure you this is a winner.

(FYI: These beads are actually PYSSLA beads and they are from IKEA but we call them Perler beads because they are what most people know them as. They are actually Fuse beads because you have to heat press them and tehy will fuse. These beads are also called Hama beads. Just another brand… you can use any. Please see materials used at the end of this article.)

Perler Bead Kaaba Craft | Hajj Activities for Kids | MKA

If you have seen our Perler Bead Kaaba Craft, then you will know that we did this activity that same day. It is a great idea to bunch these two together. Anyway… I’ll leave you with some awesome pictures and I pray we inspire you to have some fun with this Hajj themed book activity these holidays!

Hajj activity | Perler Bead Craft for Kids | MKA

Free Download

Want to make the Perler Bead Kaaba? Click the button below to download the pattern!

Hajj themed Book Craft – Perler Bead Tents

To be honest, this is just a spur of the moment activity. We were playing

Perler Bead Tents Craft

The kids made tents on a heart shaped stencil.

The illustrations in the book are just so pretty. Illustrator Aisha Dean has done such an awesome job of making these images so simple that even a child can draw them. (Well considering she is a child herself! ::heart heart:: May Allah bless her for her efforts and accept it from her!) Introducing our children to such role models and inspirations is so important, don’t you think!

Perler Bead Sheep Craft

Perler Bead Sheep Craft

The trickiest of all was the sheep. My 12 year old made it and I think it is pretty cute, don’t you say?!

We still have these little crafts and I tell you they look great in a sensory bin. (Hmm… a Hajj themed Sensory Bin anyone?)

Perler Bead Mountains – Hajj Themed Book Activity

Perler Bead Mountains

These mountains were made by my 8 year old. Okay I will be honest here… the mountains looked much better before they were heat pressed! I still think they look cute but my son has a wicked of sense of humor and he couldn’t stop teasing his little sister!

Hajj themed Book Craft with PYSSLA IKEA beads MKA

Recommended material for this Book Activity

  1. IKEA PYSSLA Beads (you can use other brands like Hama or Perler too)
  2. IKEA Bead Stack plates
  3. Butter paper for pressing
  4. Hot Iron

Please note that adult supervision is required with little children around and kids may need help with the use of hot Iron for heat pressing at the end.

Additional tips

I must offer you some tips to make this activity “tolerable” as a parent or teacher 😀

  1. Sit on the ground if possible.
  2. Lay a mat or bedsheet and sit on it so you can very easily confine the mess.
  3. Use a tray to hold the jar of beads and the stencils.
  4. It is a good idea to give each child their own tray. I like to use segmented plates.
  5. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the area afterwards because trust me… no matter how careful you have been or how behaved the kids were, you will have at least one bead stick to your feet later (even weeks later!)

I hope you enjoyed this activity. Let me know in the comments if you try it.

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