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Months in the Islamic Calendar {Flashcards}

Are you trying to teach your child the names of the months in the Islamic Calendar? Here’s a printable for you to help you teach them about the Islamic or Hijri Calendar in a fun way.

Printable Islamic Calendar names that can be used as flashcards

Names of the Hijri months

One of the first things to do, when you start teaching about the Islamic Calendar, is to help your child memorize the names of months! And there is no better way to do it than to create flash cards or match the Arabic to the English puzzles.

These printable cards that we have in the Muslim Kids Resources Library is a fun way to help children learn through play.

Arabic names of Islamic Calendar

Children 4-9 years love puzzles and flash cards. If you are a teacher or a homeschooling mom, introducing this topic for the first time, I highly recommend you try this method.

Flash cards and matching games help children recognize the words and as you can see in this case, it helps them recognize both in Arabic as well as in English.

Of course, orally reciting the months is fantastic but it is also a good idea to help them to practice learning the spellings of the words. A simple way to do it is by laminating the flashcards and giving your child a dry erase marker to trace on the cards.

You can also use a sand board. If you don’t have one, simply place a tray with some sand and let your child use the cards to look and trace in the sand with their fingers!

Printable Islamic Calendar Flash Cards

These printable flash cards are a fun way to help your child recognize the Arabic and English names of the Islamic Calendar. You can use them not just in busy bags but also as corner play.

They are also awesome to be displayed in classroom decorations. You can just place them one below the other or in a row for the children to look and learn.

Another way to use these cards is to laminate them and use as matching cards.

MKR Hijri calendar names printable

Recommended material for Islamic Calendar Names Activity

Just download and print the flash cards on separate an A4 size sheets. Laminate and cut it out. Use it as flash cards, puzzles or classroom display.

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