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Perler Bead Kaaba Craft

Do you like playing with Perler Beads? Here’s a Perler Bead Kaaba Craft with a twist! It is our Hajj Book themed Craft and you are going to love this!

Perler Bead Kaaba Craft – Children’s Book Activity

We love the book Two Pigeons on a Pilgrimage! So we played with beads today to make some small world Hajj crafts… a Kaaba πŸ•‹ , a sheep, hills of Safa and Marwa and two little tents.

Perler Bead Kaaba Craft | Hajj Activities for Kids | MKA

The story of Two Pigeons on a Pilgrimage is that two little birds watch people go on Hajj and they narrate the steps of Hajj. It is a beautiful book written by my favorite children’s author Rabia Bashir and illustrated by the very talented Aisha Dean.

It is one book that my children absolutely adore and it has been a favorite with all my niece and nephews too and for good reason! It is so CUTE!!

Beaded Kaaba Craft

About the Perler Bead Kaaba πŸ•‹ – this is Perler Bead but different. It’s sewn together!

Hajj activity | Perler Bead Craft for Kids | MKA

Yes, it was my idea, but it is so simple that even a 8 year old could do it! Actually we had a couple of different aged kids who were playing with bead together and this is one activity that the older child did.

We used this Perler Bead Kaaba in a small world play idea but there many other ways to use it For example as a keychain, bookmark, Hajj themed sensory bin and of course as a charm or pendent!

How to make the Perler Bead Kaaba Craft

The idea is very simple. To make the Perler Bead Kaaba Craft you just need the Perler Bead or the PYSSLA Beads from IKEA, some thread and a long darning needle.

Things you need for Perler Kaaba Beading Craft

  1. PYSSLA Beads from IKEA (or Perler Brand)
  2. 6 inch long darning needle
  3. Thread – I used DMC size 10
  4. Download and print the written pattern

How to proceed

Perler Bead Craft Step 1 | MKA

Step 1: Start by threading the needle . Don’t make a knot. You will work with a single strand but let the other end of thread be on the ball.

Perler Bead Craft Step2 | MKA

Step 2. Just thread the beads to start.

Perler Bead Craft Step3 | MKA

Step 3. On the next row, thread on a new bead alternatively with the first row.

Perler Bead Craft Step 4 | MKA

Continue as many rows and then fasten off with a knot with the previous row. Thread the excess thread back into the last row.

Perler Bead Kaaba Craft Pattern

Do you need a step by step written pattern? I made a graphic image and wrote the steps to help you easily show your child how it is done. You can click the button below to download the Kaaba Beading Pattern

Perler Bead Kaaba Craft steps download MKA
Click the image to download the pattern

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