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  • Days Till Ramadan Frame

    ​Days Untill Ramadan Frame


    Count down to Ramadan in style with our Days Untill Ramadan Frame printables! These charming frames are perfect for tracking the days until the blessed month arrives. Simply print, cut, and display in your home for a beautiful countdown. Get ready for Ramadan with ease and excitement!

  • Take the boy to the Mosque Math Chart​

    FREE – Take the Boy to the Mosque Math Chart


    Take the Boy to the Mosque Math Chart is an exciting and interactive game that challenges players to see how quickly they can reach the mosque through prayer. All you need to play this engaging game is a set of color pencils.

  • Lanterns Ramadan Math Game

    Lanterns Ramadan Math Game


    The enchanting Lanterns Ramadan Math Game introduces an engaging printable activity that ignites the spirit of Ramadan while nurturing essential math skills in children. This delightful game presents a collection of non-colored and colored lantern printables, fostering an interactive learning experience that combines creativity with mathematical exploration.

  • Manners in Islam Workbooks

    Manners in Islam Workbooks


    Introducing Manners in Islam Workbooks, a comprehensive series fostering Islamic morals in children. With engaging activities and lessons, each workbook teaches a unique manner over 26 days. From memorizing Hadiths to creative crafts, these workbooks offer over 150 activities suitable for ages 5 and up. Easily accessible in PDF format, these print-and-go materials provide a convenient way to incorporate Islamic values into your child’s routine. Start your journey of moral and spiritual growth today! (Digital download, print on A4 paper, printer settings adjustable).

  • Dates number maths

    Ramadan Activities: Dates Playdough Number Maths


    Dates Playdough Number Maths is an engaging Ramadan-themed activity designed for young preschoolers to actively practice counting. The pack provides two mats: one colored and one black and white.

  • Ignite your child's excitement with our Ramadan Dates Color Count Dot and Arrange Activity! Learn numbers 1-10 in a hands-on, enchanting setting.

    Ramadan Dates Color, Count, Dot and Arrange Activity


    Ignite your child’s excitement with our Ramadan Dates Color Count Dot and Arrange Activity! Learn numbers 1-10 in a hands-on, enchanting setting.

  • ​​Dates Ramadan Counting cards

    Ramadan Dates Counting Cards


    Engage your child in the joyous spirit of Ramadan with our Ramadan Dates Counting Cards pack! Designed to make learning fun and interactive, these printable mats feature delightful illustrations of dates, a quintessential symbol of Ramadan, alongside engaging counting activities.

  • Ramadnan Dates Counting Maths

    Ramadan Dates Counting Mats


    If your child doesn’t count dates, is it even Ramadan? This Ramadan Dates Counting Maths pack contains Dates – Count and Write printable mats as a worksheets-free Ramadan themed activity for children.