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  • Hajj Lesson Plan

    [FREEBIES] Hajj Lesson Plan


    Explore the significance of Hajj with our comprehensive lesson plan. Covering the five pillars of Islam, Hajj rites, and essential prayers, this resource fosters understanding and cultural awareness. Engage children in interactive discussions and activities to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of this sacred journey. With easy-to-follow instructions and printable materials, preparing and conducting lessons is effortless. Empower children with valuable insights into Islamic teachings and rituals, promoting spiritual growth and connection to their faith. Download our Hajj Lesson Plan today and embark on an educational journey filled with discovery and enlightenment.

  • Prayer Charts

    [FREEBIES] Prayer Chart – Teaching Children to Love Salah


    Track and nurture your child’s prayer habits with our Prayer Chart – Teaching Children to Love Salah. This printable resource offers two versions of charts to mark daily prayers, fostering accountability and consistency. Instill a lifelong love for Salah in your child with this visual and engaging tool. Simply download, print, and start tracking your child’s prayer activities today!

  • Duas Series: Bedtime Duas

    Duas Series: Bedtime Duas


    Create an ideal Muslim bedtime routine for your little one with our Bedtime Duas printables! This pack contains your child’s routine, bedtime duas and prompts for good behaviour that can be used to make a beautifully crafted flip-book that your child can use daily to remember their bedtime adhkaars. It also shows your child how to be mindful in adopting good etiquettes and Sunnahs of sleep.

  • Take the boy to the Mosque Math Chart​

    FREE – Take the Boy to the Mosque Math Chart


    Take the Boy to the Mosque Math Chart is an exciting and interactive game that challenges players to see how quickly they can reach the mosque through prayer. All you need to play this engaging game is a set of color pencils.

  • Hajj Coloring Puzzle and 'I Spy' Activity

    Hajj Coloring Puzzle and ‘I Spy’ Activity


    Celebrate Hajj and Eid with our engaging Hajj Coloring Puzzle and ‘I Spy’ activity. Suitable for all ages, this printable offers a fun way to learn about Hajj rituals. Simply print, color, and enjoy counting and spying on various Hajj-themed items. Perfect for classrooms or at home, it encourages creativity and learning while being screen-free. All you need are coloring supplies and a printer to get started. Let children immerse themselves in the spirit of Hajj as they color the Kaaba, mosques, and more, fostering understanding and appreciation for this important Islamic pilgrimage.

  • Hajj Themed Coloring Pages

    ​Hajj Themed Coloring Pages​


    Embark on a colorful journey with our Hajj Themed Coloring Pages. This printable puzzle lets children explore and color elements such as the Kaaba and minarets, fostering creativity and learning. With easy-to-follow instructions, simply download, print, and start coloring. Encourage fine motor skills and discussion about the significance of Hajj in Makkah while having fun. Engage in a delightful activity that brings joy and education together.

  • Lantern Shape Matching Game

    Lantern Shape Matching Game


    Introduce children to shapes with our interactive Lantern Shape Matching Game. Cut, match, and learn with this engaging printable activity. Designed to enhance shape recognition skills, this game offers a fun and educational experience for young learners. Simply print, cut, and play for hours of entertainment while reinforcing important cognitive abilities. Ideal for parents, teachers, and caregivers looking to make learning shapes enjoyable and accessible. Start exploring the world of shapes today with our Lantern Shape Matching Game!

  • Lanterns Ramadan Math Game

    Lanterns Ramadan Math Game


    The enchanting Lanterns Ramadan Math Game introduces an engaging printable activity that ignites the spirit of Ramadan while nurturing essential math skills in children. This delightful game presents a collection of non-colored and colored lantern printables, fostering an interactive learning experience that combines creativity with mathematical exploration.

  • Let's Play Hajj Actvity pack for Kids

    Let’s Go for Hajj Activity Play Pack


    Let’s Go for Hajj Play Pack is a printable activity pack for children for 3-12 years old to learn the steps of Hajj through imaginative play.