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  • Prayer Charts

    [FREEBIES] Prayer Chart – Teaching Children to Love Salah


    Track and nurture your child’s prayer habits with our Prayer Chart – Teaching Children to Love Salah. This printable resource offers two versions of charts to mark daily prayers, fostering accountability and consistency. Instill a lifelong love for Salah in your child with this visual and engaging tool. Simply download, print, and start tracking your child’s prayer activities today!

  • Duas Etiquettes and Manners Posters

    45 Duas, Etiquettes and Manners Posters for the Home


    Need posters of duas and Islamic manners for your home or classroom? This printable poster collection contains 45 Duas, Etiquettes, and Manners that you can print and frame or stick on the wall for your children to help them learn the duas and manners.They are perfect for home display in guiding children in daily practice.

  • ​Coloring Hijri and Gregorian Calendar

    ​Coloring Hijri and Gregorian Calendars


    Need a Hijri and Gregorian Calendar for you family? This printable Islamic Hijri and Gregorian calendar is designed to be used as not just coloring pages but also a wall calendar. Make learning fun, use these sheets for teaching dates, recording and recognizing the different occasions through the year and all the while to color while discovering the differences between these calendars. Simply print the sheets, provide coloring materials, and guide your children through the educational journey. Celebrate their progress with pride!

  • Days Till Ramadan Frame

    ​Days Untill Ramadan Frame


    Count down to Ramadan in style with our Days Untill Ramadan Frame printables! These charming frames are perfect for tracking the days until the blessed month arrives. Simply print, cut, and display in your home for a beautiful countdown. Get ready for Ramadan with ease and excitement!

  • Raising children who love to pray Salah ebook | muslimkidsactivities | JeddahMom

    Ebook: Raising Children Who Love to Pray Salah


    “Raising Children Who Love to Pray Salah” is a heartfelt ebook by Ayesha Siddiqua, offering practical guidance on nurturing a deep love for Salah (prayer) in children. Drawing from her experience as a mother and behavior therapist, Ayesha shares gentle parenting methods and age-appropriate strategies to create a nurturing home environment where Salah is cherished and prioritized. With topics ranging from teaching kids to pray Salah age by age to fostering habits like praying Fajr, this ebook provides invaluable insights for parents seeking to instill Islamic values in their children. Whether you’re a seasoned parent or new to parenting, this ebook is a must-read for anyone looking to raise children who embrace their faith with love and devotion.

  • Eid Mubarak Tags

    Eid Mubarak Tags Printables


    Elevate your Eid gifts and decorations with our Printable Eid Mubarak Tags! These versatile printables add a touch of elegance and festivity to your celebrations. Choose from a variety of designs, print, and cut out to personalize your gifts, cards, and decorations effortlessly. Simply download, print on paper or cardstock, and cut along the lines. Spread joy and blessings with these beautifully crafted tags, perfect for adding a special touch to your Eid festivities. Simplify your preparations and make your Eid memorable with our Printable Eid Mubarak Tags!

  • Hajj Themed Coloring Pages

    ​Hajj Themed Coloring Pages​


    Embark on a colorful journey with our Hajj Themed Coloring Pages. This printable puzzle lets children explore and color elements such as the Kaaba and minarets, fostering creativity and learning. With easy-to-follow instructions, simply download, print, and start coloring. Encourage fine motor skills and discussion about the significance of Hajj in Makkah while having fun. Engage in a delightful activity that brings joy and education together.

  • Lantern Shape Matching Game

    Lantern Shape Matching Game


    Introduce children to shapes with our interactive Lantern Shape Matching Game. Cut, match, and learn with this engaging printable activity. Designed to enhance shape recognition skills, this game offers a fun and educational experience for young learners. Simply print, cut, and play for hours of entertainment while reinforcing important cognitive abilities. Ideal for parents, teachers, and caregivers looking to make learning shapes enjoyable and accessible. Start exploring the world of shapes today with our Lantern Shape Matching Game!

  • Ramadan Coloring and Craft Activities Jeddah Mom

    Ramadan Activities : Invitation to Color and Craft


    Ramadan Activities – Invitation to color and craft are 15 simple, fun and engaging – open ended coloring and craft activities for home and class.