​Coloring Hijri and Gregorian Calendars


Need a Hijri and Gregorian Calendar for you family? This printable Islamic Hijri and Gregorian calendar is designed to be used as not just coloring pages but also a wall calendar. Make learning fun, use these sheets for teaching dates, recording and recognizing the different occasions through the year and all the while to color while discovering the differences between these calendars. Simply print the sheets, provide coloring materials, and guide your children through the educational journey. Celebrate their progress with pride!



Coloring Hijri and Gregorian Calendars: Feeling confused about teaching kids the difference between the Islamic Hijri and Gregorian calendars? Fret not! We’ve got you covered. Our printable sheets of Coloring Hijri and Gregorian Calendars are designe dto be made into a wall calendar where in your children can mark both the dates while make learning about these calendars enjoyable and colorful. Color the pictures and mark the dates!


Things you will need:
  1. Coloring Hijri and Gregorian Calendars Printable
  2. Sheet of paper to print on
  3. Pencils
  4. Color pencils, gel colors, or fine coloring pens
  5. Eraser (just in case!)

Print this printable file activity on any paper size you like.


How to prepare:

Print the printable file and instruct children to color the pictures for each month, along with giving notes on the occasion for each month. Learn to see the difference between Hijri and Gregorian dates in each month. Ensure your child has a well-lit space and all necessary materials, and celebrate their accomplishments with pride.


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