45 Duas, Etiquettes and Manners Posters for the Home


Need posters of duas and Islamic manners for your home or classroom? This printable poster collection contains 45 Duas, Etiquettes, and Manners that you can print and frame or stick on the wall for your children to help them learn the duas and manners.They are perfect for home display in guiding children in daily practice.



45 Duas, Etiquettes, and Manners Posters, the spiritual atmosphere of your home. These beautifully designed posters serve as gentle reminders of Islamic teachings, guiding you and your family to uphold manners and etiquette in daily life. From morning duas to etiquettes before eating or using the toilet, furthermore, each poster provides valuable guidance for practicing Islam at home.


Introduce your children to the beauty of Islamic manners and etiquettes with our posters. Displaying these visuals in your home provides a constant reminder for children to practice important duas and manners from a young age. By incorporating these teachings into their daily routine, children develop a strong foundation in Islamic etiquette, fostering a sense of spirituality and mindfulness.


What do you need to prepare the printables

To prepare the printables, you will need :

  • Printer loaded with ink to printing,
  • Quality paper or cardstock
  • Laminator
How to prepare

Preparing the printables is a straightforward process that starts with selecting the posters you desire to display in your home. Subsequently, download and print the templates on paper or cardstock. Once printed, trim the posters along the designated lines if necessary. Finally, after printing and trimming the posters, arrange and display them in prominent areas of your home, such as the living room or children’s bedrooms, to serve as constant reminders of Islamic manners and etiquettes. Embrace the blessings of a spiritually enriched home with our 45 Duas, Etiquettes, and Manners Posters.


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