Duas Series: Bedtime Duas


Create an ideal Muslim bedtime routine for your little one with our Bedtime Duas printables! This pack contains your child’s routine, bedtime duas and prompts for good behaviour that can be used to make a beautifully crafted flip-book that your child can use daily to remember their bedtime adhkaars. It also shows your child how to be mindful in adopting good etiquettes and Sunnahs of sleep.



Wondering how to set up a Bedtime Routine for your children and what you should include in it? This Bedtime Duas printable, is designed to be used as flip-book. They contain the steps of an ideal bedtime routine and a collection of bedtime duas (supplications) to recite before sleep, guiding your child to end their day with mindfulness and gratitude. 

This bedtime routine flipbook is especially designed so that children not only remember their routine but also learn essential everyday responsibilities and manners. We believe in incorporating good manners and habits in your children’s routines so while you are teaching kids to remember their duas, you are also teaching them expected good behaviour and the Sunnah’s essential to a Muslim’s life.

What Do You Need?

To prepare your Duas Series, you need:

  • Bedtime Duas downlaod
  • A printer,
  • A4 paper or good quality paper or cardstock,
  • Laminating sheets
  • a Laminator
  • a pair of scissors
  • punch holder
  • a key ring
How to Prepare

Preparing your Duas Flip book: Bedtime Duas is simple and straightforward. Download and print the templates on paper or cardstock. After printing, laminate the sheets and then carefully cut out each Dua card along the designated lines.

Collect the pages together, make a sing punch whole on one corner and thread the ring through it. Your flip book is ready to be given to the child.

Please note: This product is a digital download. We will not ship anything to you.


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