Hajj Color and Match Puzzle


Need a fun activity for Hajj? These Hajj Color and Match Puzzles are for coloring and then playing! Create your own Hajj themed puzzles!  Suitable for all ages, this screen-free activity contain images of the Ka’aba, mosque, cow, and more. Download, print, color, cut, and match. Enjoy the creative journey at home or in the classroom. Order now!



Hajj Color and Match Puzzle, this fun coloring page and matching puzzle is suitable for all ages and even adults, whether you are in the classroom or at home. Just grab a set of coloring pencils and get coloring! This Hajj coloring page and puzzle are a perfect screen-free activity!

Our Hajj coloring page puzzle has so many things to color. Color the Ka’aba, the mosque, cow, camel, and sheep. It is a fantastic opportunity to talk about the Holy Mosque in Makkah as you color!


Things you will need:
  1. Hajj coloring activity and puzzle printable
  2. 5×11 inch sheet of paper or card to print on
  3. Color pencils, gel colors, or fine coloring pens
  4. Scissors to cut the puzzle
  5. Eraser (just in case!)
  6. Glue

Print this coloring page puzzle activity on an 8.5 x 11 sheet or any paper size you like. You can paste it on a card or directly use the same-size card.


How to prepare:

Get ready for your printable file of Hajj Color and Match Puzzle, and then:

  1. Download and print: Begin by downloading the Hajj Color and Match Puzzle printables from our website. Once downloaded, print the activity sheets on standard paper using your home printer.
  2. Set Up: Clear a comfortable and well-lit space for your child to work on the activities. Ensure they have access to all the necessary materials, including coloring pencils or gel colors or fine coloring pens, scissors, erasers, and glue.
  3. Guidance: Guide your child through the activities, explaining the instructions, and assisting them as needed. Start by coloring the picture, then cutting out the parts of the picture, and matching them in pairs to form the appropriate picture. After all are matched, stick each of the paired pictures with glue so that they cannot move to another area again. Encourage them to take their time and enjoy the process of tracing and pairing the images.
  4. Celebrate Success: Celebrate your child’s achievements as they complete each activity. Display their finished work proudly, acknowledging their efforts and creativity.

Please note: This product is a digital download. We will not ship anything to you.


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