Lantern Shape Matching Game


Introduce children to shapes with our interactive Lantern Shape Matching Game. Cut, match, and learn with this engaging printable activity. Designed to enhance shape recognition skills, this game offers a fun and educational experience for young learners. Simply print, cut, and play for hours of entertainment while reinforcing important cognitive abilities. Ideal for parents, teachers, and caregivers looking to make learning shapes enjoyable and accessible. Start exploring the world of shapes today with our Lantern Shape Matching Game!



Lantern Shape Matching Game offers an engaging activity for children to enhance their shape recognition skills. Each set consists of two images: one with the shape’s name and a smaller image, while the other presents a larger shape without any names. Children are encouraged to cut out the images, randomize those without names, and then match them with their corresponding labeled shapes. This interactive game provides an enjoyable way for children to learn and reinforce their knowledge of shapes.

This printable game provides numerous benefits for children. Firstly, it promotes cognitive development by enhancing shape recognition skills. Secondly, it encourages fine motor skills through cutting and matching activities. Additionally, it fosters concentration and problem-solving abilities as children work to identify and match the shapes correctly. Overall, “Lantern Shape Matching Game” offers a fun and educational experience for children to engage with shapes.


What do you need to prepare the printables

To prepare the printables, you will need access to a printer, paper or cardstock for printing the images, scissors for cutting out the shapes, and optionally, laminating sheets for durability if desired. Ensure that your printer is loaded with ink and paper before printing to achieve clear and vibrant images.


How to prepare

Begin by printing the images of the Lantern Shape Matching Game on paper or cardstock. Carefully cut out each shape along the designated lines. Next, mix up the shapes without names to create a randomized set. Finally, invite children to match the shapes with their corresponding labeled counterparts. Encourage them to discuss the shapes as they play, reinforcing their understanding of each shape’s name and characteristics.

Provide children with a fun and interactive way to learn shapes with our Lantern Shape Matching Game. Designed to promote cognitive development, fine motor skills, and concentration, this printable activity is perfect for young learners. Prepare the game easily and watch as children engage enthusiastically, reinforcing their shape recognition skills while having fun. Start exploring shapes today with our engaging Lantern Shape Matching Game!

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