Ramadan Themed Addition Centers


Looking to give your math class a Ramadan theme?

This is an awesome pack of 7 Ramadan themed centers to use as you teach addition, and counting on.



Looking to give your math class a Ramadan theme? Consider this fantastic pack of 7 Ramadan Themed Addition Centers.

These activities eschew worksheets, aiding children in practicing skills like addition under 10, addition sentences, missing addends, addition word problems, and more. Moreover, transitioning between activities keeps children engaged and focused on learning objectives. Each center presents a variety of tasks, ensuring comprehensive practice in addition concepts within the Ramadan theme.

can explore addition in different contexts, thereby enhancing their understanding of mathematical operations. Moreover, transitioning from one center to another introduces diverse challenges that promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Furthermore, these activities cultivate a positive learning environment, making math enjoyable and relevant to children’s lives. As children engage with the Ramadan-themed addition centers, they develop fluency and confidence in their mathematical abilities.

Progressively, from simple to complex tasks, children deepen their understanding of addition. These centers can be seamlessly integrated into classroom instruction or used for independent practice. Parents and educators can leverage these resources to support children’s mathematical development while incorporating cultural relevance. The variety of activities ensures that children remain motivated and actively engaged in their learning.

In conclusion, these Ramadan Themed Addition Centers offer a fun and effective way for children to practice addition skills while embracing the spirit of Ramadan.


The Ramadan Themed Addition Centers all come with printables. These hands on math activities are great for keeping kids engaged while independently working on their math skills.

Here is a quick list of the Addition Centers included in this set:

  1. Adding numbers
  2. Making Ten
  3. Numbers that make Ten
  4. How numbers make 10
  5. How many is that
  6. How many are there now
  7. More than or less than

Print on A4 size paper. Size can be changed in printer settings.

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