Live and learn with Nada and Ali Series Islamic Values book Muslim Kids Activities
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Live and Learn with Nadia and Ali- Islamic Values Series

Are you looking for books that teach children Islamic Values in everyday life? We recently found the Live and Learn with Nadia and Ali books that we absolutely love. Learn more about these books below.

Live and learn with Nada and Ali Series Islamic Values book Muslim Kids Activities

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Live and Learn with Nadia and Ali Series

Live and Learn with Nadia and Ali is a mini series of books by Afreen Hoque and Naureen Hoque that depicts two Muslim children in everyday encounters.

About the Live and Learn with Nadia and Ali Authors

The authors, Naureen and Afreen Haque are sisters, who were born and raised by Bangladeshi parents in Central New Jersey.  Naureen, a lawyer living on the West Coast, and Afreen, a pediatric dentist on the East Coast, are both loving wives and mothers.  Their journey to become closer to Allah (SWT) and help educate their children about Islamic values and history in the context of their daily lives inspired them to collaborate in writing this series.  

Live and learn with Nada and Ali | Muslim Kids Activities

Aatena, the illustrator, holds a Computer Science degree. As a hobby, she has done digital art for many years, and has recently delved into traditional painting, specifically using acrylic paint. She loves gaming, visiting new places, trying new kinds of food, and spending time with her cats.

Together, Afreen and Naureen Haque have written two books “Make a Splash” and “Family Goals”, illustrated by Aatena. These are two different stories in two different real life settings. Here’s more details about the two books:

Family Goals is a story about Rachel who is unhappy that her family is so very different from her friends. Everyone brought their dad to the soccer game but Rachel doesn’t have a dad. Nadia thinks about how Rachel must be feeling and although she is grateful for her own beautiful family, she stills feels for her friend.

Nadia remembers her father telling her about how all the Prophets of Allah mentioned in the Quran had different kinds of families and how in spite of their struggles how they still touched so many lives and brought faith and love to the world.

We absolutely loved the story that teaches gratitude, appreciation for what we have, faith and hope. In addition, the book ends with a reminder about Dhikr and remembrance! Love it!!

This book is available al over the world through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Prolance Publishers. Click here to get the book.

In Make a Splash, it’s Ali first day at school! He is a bundle of nerves and he tells his mom that he is scared. Mom reminds him that whenever he is scared he can call on Allah for help and He will take care of him. So Ali prays to Allah to help him.

Make a Splash is a book about learning that Allah has everything sorted for us and He will protect and get us through everything. Sometimes things may seem like they are not working but in the end, we’re all part of His beautiful plan for us!

Through a beautiful story, Ali learns courage, strength through the power of prayer (Salah and dua).

I absolutely loved how Afreen and Naureen took a simple, very-relatable story and weaved in all these Islamic Values that we can teach our children.

This book is also available on Amazon , Barnes and Noble and through the Prolance Publisher’s Website.

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